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CURIOUS THEATRE: 4/28 – 5/28


L-R: Jada Suzanne Dixon and Cajardo Lindsey

     Heartbreaking, sobering and deeply saddening, Curious Theatre’s excellent production of Donja R. Love’s play, “FIREFLIES,” is an elegy.

     Ostensibly dealing with a black couple’s coming to grips with a church bombing in the Jim Crow South during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, it mirrors much of the racism that we see on the evening news almost nightly.

       Charles Grace is a Baptist preacher, whose wife Olivia, not only writes the scripts for his fiery sermons, but also directs his delivery.

     This couple is currently in the devastating emotional grip of a recent church bombing in which four little black girls died. As horrible as this is, it is only one among many recent experiences of the like, including burning crosses, shootings, and other examples of racial hatred.

     Cajardo Lindsey is one of Denver’s premier actors, and his performance as the Reverend Charles Grace ranks with his best! One moment in which his raucous laughter descends into tears is unforgettable.

      Jada Suzanne Dixon stuns as Charles’ wife, Olivia!  This artist’s ability to address the psychological impact of racism, while addressing the issues of women’s rights in the context of the couple’s personal life, astounds.

     Shannon McKinney’s Lighting Design not only illuminates Regina Garcia’s realistic scenic design, but also shifts the mood with her usual expertise. 

     Costume Designer Madison Booth has created eye-pleasing costumes which often contrast brightly with the play’s various moods.

     The sound design credit is shared by CeCe Smith and Brian Freeland, who also did the projections.

      Director Steven Sapp’s light touch allows the play to unfold organically without ever becoming heavy-handed. 

     Few stood at final curtain for this excellent production, not because the show was not worthy of a standing ovation, but because the audience was still reeling from the heavy material and its ramifications, which even now continue in our world.

      This production comes highly recommended for those loving serious drama. 


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