Sunday, November 24, 2019

(November 23 - December 22)

                                   The cast of CALENDAR GIRLS 

     Tim Firth’s stage adaptation of the 2003 British comedy film, “Calendar Girls,” penned by Juliet Towhidi and Mr.Firth, is currently warming the stage over at The John Hand Theater on Lowry.
     Light -hearted and uplifting, Calendar Girls is the perfect holiday show – unless you wish to see Scrooge and Tiny Tim for the godzillionth time!
     The playwrights use of the words “Calendar Girls” references a group of women of The Women’s Institute of Knapely, England who, after the loss of one of their husbands to Leukemia, decide to create a calendar for which they will model in the semi-nude. The profits for this calendar will all be donated to science for the stamping out of the disease. 
    Although “Calendar Girls” is not for the kids, adults will love it.  Maybe a little titillating, (Sorry.) it’s really not all that revealing. That said, one must admit that there’s a great deal of feminine pulchritude on display.
     Having cast the show with a delightful bevy of beauties ‘of a certain age’ Linda Suttle has directed the production with a deft touch.
     The costumes, and in some cases, the seeming lack thereof, have been created by Rachel Herring.
     The show features such Denver favorites as Suzanna Wellens (last seen as Maggie Thatcher in Vintage Theatre’s “The Audience,”) and Michelle Grimes, who is currently performing the part of Mrs. Claus in “Polar Express” in Golden. Ms. Wellens portrays Chris Harper, the role which Helen Mirren played in the Miramax film. Christine Kahane plays Annie, (Julie Walters in the film) Chris’s grieving best friend. The other lovely ladies who make up the various months of the titular calendar are played by: Linda Swanson Brown, Linda Davis-Button, Erin Trampler-Bell , Mary Campbell and Kristen Mair. Patricia Goodman plays Lady Cravenshire.
     Steve Tangedal’s lighting design and Rick Reid’s sound design enhance the production.
    Not your typical holiday show, this reviewer is pretty certain Calendar Girls will prove a delight to theatregoers searching out heart-opening entertainment this holiday season.

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