Friday, September 20, 2019

1245 CHAMPA STREET STUDIO:   Sept. 19-28
Laura Jo Trexler’s PLAY ON is  A MUSICAL ROMP WITH SHAKESPEARE’S WOMEN.  It’ s all that and so much more!
    Ms. Trexler, who wrote this enjoyable and totally accessible piece, accompanies herself on the piano all the while singing of the wonders and woes of Shakespeare’s female characters.
     Trexler's songs are as emblematic of women's struggle to free themselves from the chains of the past as those sculpted slaves Michelangelo created were to free themselves from the marble.
     Now on view at 1245 Champa Street Studio, you can expect an innovative and diverse evening of musical theatre, addressing both the comic and the tragic.
     Trexler will entrance you with her multi-faceted performance.  The stylistic differences she uses to evoke Shakespeare's women in  her lyrics, vocals and acting are legion. Although she leans into the Elizabethan text, her inclusion of modern English makes all this a rare treat not only for the fan of Shakespeare, but also for the theatergoer just looking for an evening to sit back, relax and enjoy.
     PLAY ON was a huge hit at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and is scheduled to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next. 
      Don’t miss this rare chance to learn the inner points of view of Shakespeare’s women.      From a Juliet, who wishes to make her own choices in love, instead of having an arranged marriage to the dark dream of Ophelia, from a smitten Rosalind to a frightening Lady MacBeth all sung and acted by this accomplished actor/singer/writer.  

For tickets go online at or call 720-583-3975.Marlowe's Musings

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