Monday, January 14, 2019

GERMINAL STAGE DENVER: at The John Hand Theatre: 1/4 - 2/2

Marc K. Moran in THE ROOM
     Ed Baierlein’s and Sallie Diamond’s Germinal Stage Denver is a national treasure. This reviewer has had the pleasure of following them through numerous venues since the late seventies. 
      I’m thrilled to report that finally, after several temporary locations, Germinal has found a great new home on Lowry in the John Hand Theatre.
      These artists carved out a niche that is unique. They’ve created a home for the great playwrights from Ibsen to Pinter, Chekhov to Albee, and from Tennessee Williams to Arthur Miller. Their productions reflect the artistic sensibilities of those playwrights as well as any company, and better than most.
      In this production of THE PINTER PLAYS we get a taste of two of Pinter’s early works: THE COLLECTION and THE ROOM.
    In the former, a wife tells her husband of her infidelity on a business trip. You get to decide if she’s telling the truth.
      In the latter, a domestic situation becomes disturbing as two contrasting characters struggle to communicate.  It’s all there in the subtext, between the lines, in the unspoken moments and in the pauses.  Everything remains in question until a mysterious guest arrives.
     Marc Moran, Michelle Moore, Clint Heyn and Stephen R. Kramer deliver superb portrayals. Mr. Moran is at the top of his game here! 
     Mr. Kramer’s direction shines in THE ROOM as does Ed Baierlein’s in THE COLLECTION.
     Go see what Pinter’s early plays are like.
     You’ll be glad you did.

Germinal Stage
Harold Pinter’s “The Collection” and “The Room” 
Classic one-acts by the Nobel Laureate!
Jan.  4 – Feb. 2
Fri./Sat. at 7:30 p.m. ; Sun. at 2:00 p.m.
Tickets $17 - $25
303-455-7108 or email
@ John Hand Theater is located at 7653 East 1st Place, Denver, Colorado 80230

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