Saturday, April 21, 2018

L-R: Damon Guerrasio, Adrianne Hampton and Bernie Cardell

More than just an homage to Woody Allen’s films, BULLETS OVER BROADWAY is a crowd-pleasing musical that’s chock-full of the upbeat, toe-tapping tunes of the 1920s.It’s based upon Allen’s film, which was nominated for seven Academy Awards in 1994.
     Denver theatre icon, John Ashton, has directed the show with sensational casting and a fast pulse.
      As playwright David Shayne, Damon Guerrasio has his musical comedy talents showcased magnificently here, proving himself to be a smooth operator both in the acting and singing.  Guerrasio gets to be the voice of Woody Allen regarding Art and Life in general, and does a fine job doing it.
     Mary McGroary is WAY over-the-top funny as Broadway Diva, Helen Sinclair. Her hysterical number,  ”They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me,” is outrageously funny!
      Adrianne Hampton is squeaky perfection as the gangsta’s moll, Olive, who devoid of all talent, aspires to the Broadway stage.
      Maggi Tisdale is hilarious as Eden Brent.
      T.J. Hogle unleashes his mellifluous voice showing us what musical theatre pipes he has! Hogle’s acting of the role of Cheech is most memorable.
      Michael O’Shea(Warner Purcell) turns in his best musical comedy work since his Marlowe Award winning turn as Horace Vandergelder in Performance Now’s production of Hello Dolly.
     Colby Dunn, as playwright David’s hometown girlfriend,Ellen, unfurls the silken ribbon of her voice,  enchanting us with “She’s Funny That Way.”
Denver favorite Bernie Cardell, delights as Julian Marx.
     John Gleason anchors the show with his no nonsense portrayal of mafia boss, Nick Valenti.
      Henry Award winner Kelly Van Oosbree’s sparkling choreography has a bevy of beauties bouncing around the room with little more than a wink and a smile.
     Ashton and company have turned our attention from the onslaught of graft and corruption of the current administration, and allowed us, at least for the space of two hours, to revel in the vivid colors and bright tunes of Broadway in the twenties.
     Go and enjoy!  You owe it to yourself. 
                             Marlowe's Musings

Vintage Theatre
“Bullets Over Broadway”
A musical comedy loaded with colorful characters and songs that made the '20s roar! 
Apr. 13 – May 27
Fri/Sat and Mon. Apr. 30 at 7:30 p.m.; Sun. at 2:30 p.m.
$19 - $38 or 303-856-7830. 
Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St., Aurora 80010

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