Tuesday, October 10, 2017

THE EDGE THEATER: 10/6 – 11/5

Martha Harmon Pardee and Kevin Hart(photo credit: RDG Photography)

In 1967 Edward Albee received the Pulitzer Prize for drama for “A Delicate Balance.”
     The play deals with Agnes and Tobias, an upper-class couple who live together with Agnes’s free-loading sister, Claire. What happens when Agnes and Tobias’s best friends appear on their doorstep seeking comfort after having suddenly encountered an unnamed fear or “terror,” and wish to move in with them, is the crux of the play. As if that’s not enough of a dilemma for Agnes and Tobias, their adult daughter, Julia, is also wishing to return home after her fourth failed marriage.
    The play is beautifully written and can be approached on many levels. Questions abound regarding responsibilities to family and friends, as well as the boundaries required in these relationships.
    It’s a play that everyone who loves great drama should see at least once.
    The Edge Theater’s production is remarkable in many ways. It has a cast to die for, who bring out all the edgy, uncomfortable and disturbing aspects of Albee’s work. It has a scenic design that’s elegant, costuming that’s well thought out and fine lighting and sound designs.
     Unfortunately, the pacing of the production makes the play feel over-long and tedious.
     See it for the studied acting of Martha Harmon Pardee, Kevin Hart, Emma Messenger, Maggy Stacy, Abby Apple Boes and Steve Emily.

The Edge Theater Company is located at Colfax and Teller. For tickets call 303-232-0363 or go online at Theedgetheater.com
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