Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Buell Theatre: August 17 through October 1

The cast of FROZEN, Disney's Broadway-Bound Musical(Photo credit: Deen van Meer)

This reviewer must confess at the get go that he has never seen the animated film, “FROZEN.” The story is not really his cup of iced tea. So please take all of this with a block of salt or ice as you like.

     Visually spectacular, and with talent galore, FROZEN has one problem.

   The performances are all superb. So are the projections, lighting, scenic and costume designs.
     The special effects dazzle!
      An interminable parade of ballads blend one into the other with pleasant, if forgettable affect.
       The vocals, especially those of Elsa(Caissie Levy) and Anna(Patti Murin), mesmerize us. The snowman and the reindeer enchant us, and one wishes they had lots more to do in the show.
     This reviewer’s main problem with the show has to do with the emotional connection between the central characters, and the show’s emotional engagement of the audience.
     The experience one usually has at the end of Disney productions of having a tear in the eye and a lump in the throat is missing here. At final curtain one feels very much like Morales in “A CHORUS  LINE” when she sings, “I felt nothing.”
     That said, one must admit that the audience at The Buell seemed to be loving every minute of it.
     It’s a work that’s unfinished; as all productions are that are on their way to Broadway. At this point in time it’s still getting constantly reformed by script doctors performing their various operations. 
     It’s this reviewer’s not so humble opinion that the show needs to be much more able to communicate the intense pain of separation felt by the sisters at the top of the show so that we as audience can experience the joy of their reconciliation at final curtain.
     So far we don’t.

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