Saturday, May 20, 2017

Scotland Road
The John Hand Theatre on Lowry : May 6 –June 3

             Set design by Bernie Cardell

Spotlight Theatre’s production of Jeffrey Hatcher’s “Scotland Road” is a thrilling evening of theatre.
     Directed with style and grace by Luke Rahmsdorff-Terry, this intriguing story, will provide the theatregoer with plenty of questions about which to ruminate.
     Imagine that a beautiful young woman (Kelly Alayne Dwyer) has been discovered adrift on an iceberg in the North Atalantic in clothing that was fashionable several decades ago.
     Now imagine her being interrogated by an erudite doctor (Todd Black) in an unadorned room that’s furnished with only one chair. Her enigmatic silence in the face of his arrogance, heightens the suspense right up to an unexpectedly explosive moment.

Once the steam has been released, it builds again to a finale that, while 'somewhat satisfying,' remains solidly fixed in a cache of questions involving secrets, control issues and our insatiable obsession with tragedy.
The very fine cast includes: Todd Black, Mari Geasair, Kelly Alayne Dwyer and Katie Mangett.
    Ms. Mangett stuns!
     Few sound designers in town can provide us with as compelling an auditory enhancement as Director Rahmsdorff-Terry does with his sound design. Susan Rahmsdorff-Terry created the spot-on costumes.
     It is important that much of this production remain a secret. It's tempting to say more but the entire review would be peppered with spoiler alerts.
     Just go and experience the suspenseful intrigue for yourself.

For tickets go online to or call 720-530-4596.Marlowe's Musings

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