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 L-R: Don Randle and Maria Cheng

Theatre Esprit Asia is currently producing the regional premiere of Philip Kan Gotanda’s “YOHEN” at their space in the Aurora Cultural Arts District’s Gallery at 1400 Dallas Street in Aurora.
     Directed by Anthony J. Garcia, and starring Maria Cheng and Don Randle, YOHEN brings to life the story of the marriage of an immigrant Japanese woman and an African American G.I.
     One’s first impression upon entering the Gallery is that Bryan Miller’s minimalist scenic design suggests that this couple’s living space is a perfectly balanced zen garden. At first glance it reflects the soft, feminine feng shui and ordered sensibility of Sumi. However … in short order we are made aware that the space also contains the imaginal imprint of a boxing ring reflective of the masculine potency of Sumi’s athletic paramour, James.
     Once considered “a cinch for the Olympics,” James now serves as mentor to up-and-coming young boxers at the corner gym.
     Watching Mr. Randle’s sweaty intense delivery of air-jabs, hooks and uppercuts, first with his right, and then with his southpaw, allows one to easily imagine his opponent in the ring.
      As Sumi Washington, Ms. Cheng’s studied acting is both poignant and brilliant. (Anyone having seen this actor’s award-winning work in “Spirit and Sworded Treks” will presumably already have tickets.
     In Japanese, Yohen means “an accident in the firing” of a clay pot.  Sometimes a flaw makes one see the beauty in an otherwise flawless work. Shamans say that it’s the crack that allows the light to enter and heal what needs to be healed.
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YOHEN is playing at ACAD Gallery Theatre
Aurora Cultural Arts District,1400 Dallas St.  
Aurora, CO  80010   

For tickets call 720-492-9479 or go online at

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