Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thoroughly Modern Millie
BDT Stage: 11/19 – 2/25
 The cast of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (Photo Credit: Glenn Ross Photography)

In 2002 Thoroughly Modern Millie won six Tony Awards including Best Musical. Based upon the 1967 Oscar winning film, the show is set in 1922. It’s New York City at the height of the Jazz Age and Millie Dillmount has just arrived to seek her fortune as a “modern” young lady.
     Seles VanHuss is a sensational triple threat as Millie Dillmount!
     VanHuss stuns with her singing and dancing of “Not For the Life of Me” at the top of the show and “Gimme, Gimme” and “Forget about the Boy” in Act Two.
    Rebekah Ortiz’s soprano soars through the roof as Dorothy Brown!
     Burke Walton (Jimmy Smith) is sensational singing “I Turned the Corner” in Act Two.
      Scott Severtson is outstanding as Millie’s boss, Trevor Graydon. Whether administering a typing test that sends up the patter of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Modern Major General” or just “Falling in Love” with Miss Dorothy’s over-the-top adorableness, Severtson stuns!
     L-R: Tracy Warren, Seles VanHuss, Scott Severtson and members of the ensemble(Photo credit Glenn Ross Photography)
     The ever popular BDT Stage favorite Joanie Brosseau belts out Mrs. Meers’ hilarious self-adulating aria, “They Don’t Know” with brio!
     Alicia K. Meyers will take your breath away as Muzzy. Swathed in ermine or shimmering from head to toe in gowns created by the multi-awarded Linda Morken, Meyers delivers big Broadway numbers on a silver platter.
     Tracy Warren is hilarious as Miss Flannery, Millie’s immediate supervisor at The Sincere Trust Office.
     To mention just a few of the other BDT favorites in the ensemble one must acknowledge the work of: Alejandro Roldan, Matt Peters, Bob Hoppe, Jessica Hindsley and Jack Barton.
     Music Director Neal Dunfee makes all that glorious toe-tapping, 1920’s music absolutely delicious to the ear.
     Amy Campion’s scenic design is a dazzling piece of work that’s hugely complex and yet works so efficiently you’ll be amazed. Wayne Kennedy’s sound design is his usual professional work.
     Lighting Designer Bret Maughan has framed the stage in fabulous illuminated art deco panels.
      Matthew D. Peters has pulled out all the stops with his astounding tap dance numbers. Utterly exhilarating!
      The hair and wig design by Debbie Spaur must be mentioned – especially with regard to her work on Ms. Warren’s coiffure. Hilarious!
     This is perhaps Scott Beyette’s best direction to date. His directorial concept for the show and casting are both sublime!
     And let it be known that things have changed at BDT Stage regarding the kitchen. Fabio Flagiello is the new Executive Chef! Flagiello attended the prestigious Ecole Lenotre culinary school in Paris! So the menu now includes mouth- watering appetizers such as Shrimp Cioppino braised in a fresh tomato, caper and shallot sauce and served with a fresh baguette. Scrum Diddly!
     The entrée this reviewer sampled was a red wine braised pork loin served with butternut squash ravioli in a sage cream sauce. Outstanding!
     I spent a couple of weeks this summer in the South of France and Flagiello’s excellent cuisine transported me back!Marlowe's Musings

BDT Stage is located at 5501 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, Colorado  80303-1391

for tickets call 303.449.6000 or go online at bdtstage.com

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