Thursday, December 22, 2016

THE BUELL THEATRE: 12/20 – 1/1

The cast of "Finding Neverland"

“Finding Neverland” is an unforgettable musical theatre experience.
       It’s LOTS more fun than “Peter and the Star Catcher.”
    Both shows intend to be prequels to what will eventually become “Peter Pan.”
     As my guest for the evening said, “Finding Neverland” is to “Peter Pan” what “Wicked” is to “The Wizard of Oz.” And she’s right. Everything in “Peter Pan” is fore ‘shadowed’ wondrously in James Graham’s book.
     The tuneful music by Gary Barlow and catchy lyrics by Eliot Kennedy are a complete delight.
     Tony Award winner Diane Paulus’ direction of “Finding Neverland” succeeds in delivering the story of how J.M. Barrie was able to move from blocked playwright to one who is on fire with inspiration with consummate skill.
       Led by Kevin Kern and Christine Dwyer, this exuberant cast creates a world of magic and imagination that’s amazing. Mr. Kern originated the role of J.M.Barrie on Broadway and now blesses Denver audiences with his superb acting and vocals. Ms. Dwyer’s performance in the role of Sylvia Llewellyn Davies enchants.
     On the evening this reviewer was in attendance the Llewellyn Davies boys were played by: Ben Kreiger (Peter), Finn Faulconer (George), Mitchell Wray (Jack) and Jordan Cole(Michael.) Mr. Faulconer is from Colorado and has studied with the Colorado Ballet. The performances given by these young men makes one wish to prophesy successful stage careers for each and all of them.
     Mia Michaels’ bouncy choreography, which much of the time pops like punctuating popcorn, lends itself wonderfully to the playful essence of the piece.
     The projection design by Jon Driscoll and Illusions by Paul Kieve run the gamut from thrilling to sparkling transcendence! (Their work alone will transport every theatregoer from the mundane world they just walked in from to that of the awe-inspiring sublime one onstage!) 
     It’s a scrum diddly musical theatre dessert for the holidays with a dollop of good old fashioned sentiment!

For tickets call 303-893-4000 or go online at
1101 13th Street, Denver, CO. ,80204 Marlowe's Musings 

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