Saturday, November 5, 2016


L-R: Billie McBride, Mark Collins and Annabel Reader
Melissa Lucero McCarl’s “Lost Creatures” is a fascinating and touching play that imagines the meeting of theatre critic Kenneth Tynan and the reclusive silent film star Louise Brooks in her dingy apartment in 1978 Rochester, New York. Tynan had been Brooks’ biggest fan ever since he saw her in the 1929 film, “Pandora’s Box.”

Brooks is played by Denver favorite Billie McBride with a fiery indignation that softens as the critic intruding upon her solitary life gradually endears himself to her with his candid revelations about his own artistic and hedonistic life. The exchanges include lots of interesting points of view about Art, Life and Sex, and are peppered with quotes from such authors as Proust and Goethe. As Tynan, Mark Collins delivers a self-absorbed, boozy portrayal of the critic/producer/ essayist that engages and amuses us.

     Lulu, the character Brooks played in “Pandora’s Box,” is played by Annabel Reader. Silently present throughout, her seductive reactions, pouting and revelation of subtext is delivered flawlessly. Haunting Brooks and acting as muse for Tynan, Ms. Reader’s Lulu is indelible. As ‘the girl in the black helmet’ she is the most glamourous thing onstage this season. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her.

     There is a beautiful sadness about this play that will remain with you long after you exit the theatre.

Lost Creatures will premiere at The Commons on Champa in The Studio at 1245 Champa Street. Lost Creatures runs November 3- 19, 2016, at 7:30 pm.  Thursday-Saturday. Tickets are $25.00 for general public, $22.00 for students and seniors, and Thursday, November 10 is cheap date night when all tickets are $15.00. Call 720-583-3975 or go to  for tickets.Marlowe's Musings


  1. Thank you for your comments about our fabulous daughter.
    Alan Reader, New Zealand.

  2. You are welcome, sir. It was an honor to see her onstage.