Wednesday, August 3, 2016


     Kelly Uhlenhopp and Andrew Uhlenhopp 
(Photo Credit:Christine Fisk/DenverMind Media)

When we meet Frankie and Johnny we’re immersed in darkness. The sounds of love play and orgasmic climax fill the theatre. Once the lights come up we see two people struggling to find a common ground. Johnny is passionately vocal about his confidence that this new connection with Frankie is the mother lode. Frankie on the other hand is more reserved, remembering, and not wishing to repeat experiences involving abuse and rejections in her past.

       Will she cave and allow the birth of the passionately loving relationship that Johnny paints?      
     He wants to secure this night as the first in a long term relationship. She’s more fearful and vulnerable. Her realistic tendencies seem in conflict with his ecstatic and rabidly romantic pursuit.
     What does love mean to each of them? Will cynicism about love win out over habitual loneliness and fear of the allowance of another attempt to connect?
     This fine trio of artists: Kelly Uhlenhopp as Frankie, Andrew Uhlenhopp as Johnny and director Missy Moore have come together to produce an evening with delicious humor and just a dollop of romantic suspense. Johnny weaves a spell around Frankie that one hopes will be irresistible.
     Terrance McNally has written the incantation of a perfect romance. What a dynamic to watch a love be born and wonder if it will last til sunrise. At one point the waitress says to the chef, “I'm a ‘BLT down’ kind of person and you're looking for a ‘pheasant under glass’ sort of person.”
       The aromas of onions and toast as he cooks her a western omelette are enticing just as this evening is.

Vintage Theatre presents
"Frankie and Johnny in Claire de Lune"
July 29 – Sept. 4
A bittersweet comedy traces the unlikely romance between two middle-aged “losers.”
Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St., Aurora 80010
For mature audiences; contains nudity and sexual situations.

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