Monday, July 11, 2016

“No Sex Please, We’re British”
Spotlight Theatre Company: 6/25 – 813
 L-R: Christian Mast and Rachel White

The current offering at the John Hand Theatre on Lowry is Alistair Foote’s and Anthony Marriott’s “No Sex Please, We’re British.”
     A close relative to such shows as “Run For Your Wife,” “Caught in the Net” and “Move Over, Mrs. Markham,” it’s the kind of British farce with which the fledgling Spotlight Theatre Company began its journey.
     Now that this troupe is maturing it returns from time to time to revisit this genre of theatre. For us as audience it’s a great pleasure to see the result of the honed skills both in direction and in acting.
     Director Luke Allen Terry has done a superb job in his casting and pacing. The piece de resistance however, is the director’s casting of Christian Mast as Brian Runnicles. Why? Mr. Mast is a comic genius and his twitchy, fidgety hilarious performance will have you grinning from ear to ear all evening long.
     The show begins with an unsolicited package of pornographic literature being delivered to the apartment of newlyweds Frances(Rachel White) and Peter Hunter(Tony Ryan.) Horrified at the contents of the package, they do everything possible to keep anyone from discovering this carton’s contents. The unexpected arrival of Peter’s nosy mother, Eleanor (Ann Myers) complicates the situation exponentially. When it seems that the newlyweds’ struggle to keep up appearances can’t get any worse it gets amped up even more when they enlist Mr. Runnicles, a jittery, high-strung friend from Peter’s workplace to help dispose of them.
    , Kelly Dwyer, Dan Connell, package, wyer, Dan Connell, Randy Diamon and Rachel Whyte and Tony becomes exponentiali     Even the supporting roles in this bright evening of farcical whimsy are filled with actors who relish the play’s silliness. They are: Wade Wood, Susan Rahmsdorff, Kelly Dwyer, Dan Connell and Randy Diamon.Marlowe's Musings

Tickets are $12 - $22
720-530-4596 or online at
The John Hand Theater, 7653 E. 1st Place, Denver, CO 80230
Free parking.

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