Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Stage Theatre: 1/29 – 2/28

                   L-R: C. David Johnson and Mike Hartman
                Photo credit: Adams Visual Communications

     There is much to recommend about the DCPA Theatre Company’s production of Robert Schenkkan’s “All the Way.”
It’s 1964, the year after JFK was assassinated, and LBJ and MLK are working hard to pass the Civil Rights Act. Written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Robert Schenkkan (“The Kentucky Cycle”), the script is sensational.
     The show stars C. David Johnson as a hard-driving, charismatic and profane LBJ. His performance alone is worth the price of a ticket.
     The characters played by Mike Hartman and Phillip Pleasants are so brilliantly and passionately put forth you may think you’re at a show on Broadway.
     Although Terence Archie is convincing as a centered and poised Martin Luther King, one might have wished for a bit more passion in scenes in which he’s taken to task by members of his own race who are crying for quick action in a process that was slow in coming.
     Todd Cerveris portrays an Alabama Governor George Wallace I wanted to hate a LOT more. Seeing the news footage of Wallace’s vicious bigotry on black and white television when I was in High School made my blood boil.
     Among the other fine actors in the cast are :Cajardo Lindsey, Laurence Curry, Sam Gregory, Kathleen McCall, Tracey Conyer Lee and Jessica Robblee. Josh Robinson stepped in at the last minute, nailing his roles with true professionalism.

                         The company of "All the Way"
               Photo credit: Adams Visual Communications

     The technical achievements in sound, lighting, scenic design and projection are exceptional.
     Playwright Schenkkan’s observations of LBJ’s conflict with George Wallace and J. Edgar Hoover and his (LBJ’s) manipulative moves in controlling the ever-waffling Hubert Humphrey are key and core and …riveting!

      Anthony Powell directs.Marlowe's Musings

For tickets go online at or call the Box Office at 303-893-4100

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