Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
Buell Theatre: 2/16 – 2/28

“A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” is musical theatre to die for! 
     In 2014 this hilarious black comedy was nominated for ten Tony Awards and won four: Best Musical, Best Book, Best Direction and Best Costume Design.
     The production currently on view at The Buell Theatre is visually magnificent and irresistibly hilarious.
     The score is full of tunes that will lift your spirits and make you forget whatever ails you.
     The book, which is based on the novel,"Israel Rank, The Autobiography of a Criminal" by Andrew Horniman" and the 1949 film" “Kind Hearts and Coronets,” tells the tale of one Monty Navarro who, having been born into a rather low class in England, is shocked to discover that he’s eighth in line to becoming the earl of D’Ysquith. Monty feels it may take him a long time to rise to the top of the family tree and chooses quite a ghastly way to hasten the process.
     Kevin Massey is an adorably watchable, mischievous Monty.
     John Rapson portrays all the other Dysquiths that will have to croak before Monty can gain the earldom. In a tour de force of breathtaking theatrical prowess, Mr. Rapson embodies Dysquiths of both genders and remarkably disparate ages.
     Kristen Beth Williams(Sibella) and Adrienne Eller(Phoebe Dysquith) play the two ladies who battle for Monty’s affections. “I’ve Decided to Marry You,” the trio in which these two stunning ladies come to terms with their love for Monty, is a show-stopper! Both Ms. Williams and Ms. Eller have voices whose dulcet tones blend in what one might refer to as an elixir of auditory champagne.
     Under the expert music direction of Lawrence Goldberg, the twelve-piece orchestra makes Steven Lutvak’s score sound utterly scrumptious.

     This delicious musical theatre confection is only here through the 28th of the month. So run to get tickets!Marlowe's Musings

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