Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sex With Strangers
Curious Theatre: 1/14 - 2/20
                  Paige Price and Michael Kingsbaker

Provocative and controversial, the regional premiere of Laura Eason’s “Sex with Strangers” is far better than its title might suggest.
     Playwright Eason has created a script that is very well crafted and fascinates throughout. At its core is the relationship between two writers. One of them, Ethan, is the successful writer of a hugely popular blog revealing the tales of his various and sundry sexual exploits with women. The other is Olivia, a semi successful writer of novels who is insecure about having her novels read.
      Bold and forthright, the naturalness of Michael Kingsbaker’s acting in the role of Ethan is unquestionable. That this actor is able to surprise the theatregoer with completely organic shifts in physical tempo and verbal tonality to suit the moment makes his onstage presence entrancing.
     Paige Price has great stage presence as Olivia.
     These two actors are very well matched. So “Sex With Strangers” has what some ‘two handers’ of the past at Curious have lacked. Chemistry!
     Susan Crabtree’s scenic design does not change enough between Acts to give us the impression that we have moved to a new location. Neither does the natural lighting from the small lamps in Shannon McKinney’s otherwise very fine lighting design.
     The direction by Christy Montour-Larson presents the occasional issue with blocking for one seated in the balcony. However … the genius with which this artist envisioned the final moments of the play is nothing short of superb.

Curious Theatre is located at1080 Acoma Street, Denver,CO. 80204Marlowe's Musings

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