Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Buell Theatre: through October 25
                            Idina Menzel

How often does the Denver audience get to experience a Broadway phenomenon? Well, regardless of how you may have answered my query, you’ve got a chance to see and hear one now. 
     Idina Menzel is a star of the first magnitude and to see her acting and hear her powerfully beautiful voice is a gift to treasure. 
     Every theatre maven should attend “If/Then” for this reason and many more.
     La Chanze, who plays the role of Kate in the play is outrageously talented, has a great set of pipes and is adorable onstage. 
     James Snyder (Josh), Daren A. Herbert (Steven) and Anthony Rapp (Lucas) are the outstanding men in the cast. In fact with this line-up I think it’s safe to say that the vocal talent is pretty much outstanding across the board.
     The writer’s concept that sometimes our most insignificant seeming choices can end by out-picturing as radically different probabilities in one’s life is truly an important one. If one could only be aware of this at all times one might be able to circumvent some of the more disappointing aspects of life and find himself on a life – path that’s more enjoyable and fulfilling.
     Also of note is the lighting design by Kenneth Posner. One of the finer and truly memorable touches in Mr. Posner’s design is the exhilarating visual of a racing subway train. Unforgettable.
     Director Michael Greif has done a fine job transplanting “If/Then” from Broadway to Denver.
It’s a bit long-winded, but well worth the trip just to see and hear the divine Ms. Menzel.Marlowe's Musings

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