Saturday, September 12, 2015

Town Hall Arts Center: 9/23 – 10/23

 L-R: Ronni Stark and Carolyn Lohr

     Anyone with any awareness of the theatre community in Denver could feel this freight train coming.
     The revival of Nick Sugar’s heart-pounding production of “West Side Story” is magnificence on all fronts. Can it really be ten years since  Sugar’s first production of this musical?

                                L-R: Jared Ming and Carolyn Lohr

Carolyn Lohr acts and sings the part of Maria with heart-breaking perfection. 
     One is stunned by the amazing stage presence and vocal prowess of Jared Ming As Tony. 
     Kent Randell reprises his role as a now even more powerful Bernardo.
                             L-R: Kent Randell and Ronni Stark

Ronni Stark delivers a fiery Anita acting, dancing and singing this role with raw passion. 
     Tim Howard who was Baby John last time has grown into a formidable Riff. 
      The entire ensemble is great. Carter Edward Smith’s Baby John, Gabriel Morales’ Chino, Rachelle Wood’s Minnie, Tyrell D. Rae’s Luis,TJ Hogle’s looming Lieutenant Shrank. All are superb casting and deliver the goods with brio.
     The sublime music direction of Donna Kolpan Debreceni, with tracks put forth by Susan Draus and Ms. Debreceni, is phenomenal. The lighting by Seth Alison and set by Tina Anderson are the professional excellence, which the Denver Audience has come to expect from them. One does however wish for the live onstage band. Nevertheless…the music is ear-pleasing magic!
     This reviewer couldn’t leave the theatre without purchasing tickets for a second helping of this outstanding production in the already nearly sold out run. If you can get a ticket you’ll thank your lucky stars!

For tickets call: 303-794-2787 or go online at

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