Friday, December 5, 2014

She Loves Me
The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities: 11/25 – 12/21
     Gavin Mayer has directed what may well be the most delightful musical theatre confection of this holiday season.
     “She Loves Me” is a musical comedy that endears as it entertains.
     It’s the perfect holiday fare!
                                       Julia Jackson and Andrew Russell
                                               Photo credit: P Switzer Photography 2014
     Julia Jackson is smashing as Amalia. This lovely actor is utterly delicious in her acting and singing of such memorable numbers as “Will He Like Me?” and “Dear Friend.” For her performance alone you should run to buy a ticket.
     Andrew Russell is a great Georg. His singing of  “Tonight at Eight” and “She Loves Me” are most memorable.
     Mark Rubald’s musical trip down memory lane singing “In Days Gone By” is charming.
     Rob Costigan is terrific as Ladislav Sipos, the company man in the parfumerie, whose main concern is that everyone perform in such a manner that all remain forever employed.
     Steven Day’s got the plum role! As a super fastidious waiter he does gloriously funny battle with a hilariously klutzy busboy (Tim Howard) trying to keep up the reputation of his Budapest restaurant having “A Romantic Atmosphere.”
     Brian Mallgrave’s set is eye-popping, David Nehls’ music direction superb and Kitty Skillman Hilsabeck’s choreography top-notch! Liz Jasperse’s costumes are stunning , and Vance McKenzie does a great job illuminating the proceedings with his lighting design.
     Ms. Hilsabeck’s choreography of “A Romantic Atmosphere,” the scene showcasing the comic work of Mr. Day and Mr. Howard is breathtaking!
      The singing of “Twelve Days to Christmas” by the ensemble will put you in the holiday mood in short order.
     The book by Joe Masteroff, Music by Jerry Bock and Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick are all gems!

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