Monday, October 13, 2014

The Outgoing Tide
The Firehouse Theater Company: October 10 – November 8

Left to right: Adamo Pinti and Jim Landis

     Bruce Graham’s “The Outgoing Tide,” now on view at The John Hand Theatre on Lowry, is a play that addresses questions about death and dying we all have to face about loved ones who are aging. Beyond that it makes us all aware that at some point we’re all going to have to address these issues for ourselves.
   Steve Tangedal directs this three-person play with a sensitive light touch.
     Jim Landis turns in an admirable portrayal of Gunner, a man who is frustrated with the dimming of his mental faculties and concerned about providing for his family after he’s gone. Landis’ ability to lapse from a giddy semi-lucid elation to confused disorientation at the inability to remember the simplest of words is remarkable.

                                                    Jim Landis and Deborah Curtis

     Deborah Curtis( "The Road to Mecca" and "Death by Design") portrays Peg, a wife and mother who does all she can to provide options, which she believes will allow for the possiblilty of her husband’s comfortably “aging in place.”
    Adamo Pinti is Jack, a son who finds himself moving from denial to acceptance of his father’s final wishes while dealing with conflictual memories of the past.
     Jeffrey Jesmer’s scenic design for their summer cottage on Chesapeake Bay is thoroughly well done.  Jesmer’s creation allows us to see the aging Gunner sitting on a pier in an armchair while appearing to fish.
     Steve Tangedal’s very fine lighting design is one of the best features of this production.
    The sound design by Luke Allen Terry is his usual professional work.
     Greg Alan West’s costume design - especially that for Mr. Landis - is spot on.
     Compassionate and ultimately heart breaking, the play comes with high recommendations.

For tickets go to or call 303-562-3232
The John Hand Theater is located at 7653 E. 1st Place, Denver, CO 80230

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