Monday, July 14, 2014

The Tempest
Colorado Shakespeare Festival: 6/7 -  8/10

Geoffrey Kent’s direction of  “The Tempest” is by far the best of any Shakespearean play at CSF in recent memory. One has to go back a decade or so to Joel Fink’s direction of “Twelfth Night” to find anything that compares!
     Kent Homchick's scenic design is a dazzling piece of artistry that evokes a ship’s graveyard.
     The lighting by Shannon McKinney is better than one could ever expect in any outdoor venue.
     The costumes by Clare Henkel are a constant delight.

                                                             Simon Hilton as Prospero
     Although Peter Simon Hilton may appear to be a bit young for the role of Prospero, his portrayal is magnificent. Hilton’s stage presence and lucid reading of Shakespeare’s words illuminate this great character with brio.
     Vanessa Morosco is adorably spirited as Ariel. Her feats of ‘ariel’ gymnastics twirling on bolts of pure white fabric while suspended above the stage and all the while reciting Shakespeare’s words are stunning.
     Kyra Lindsey is vivaciously girlish as Prospero’s daughter, Miranda.

                                                  Benjamin Bonenfant and Kyra Lindsey

     Benjamin Bonenfant portrays Miranda’s love, Ferdinand with vigor and dynamism.
     In some productions the scenes involving the supporting characters in Shakespeare’s play are glossed over with actors who are only passable. As a result the scenes in which they appear become tedious.
     Not so in this production. The magic is everywhere present and each and all will have to forgive this reviewer for not mentioning them all. The run is half way through now and one hopes that this review will reach anyone and everyone who may be able to still get a ticket.
     With hummingbirds sailing over the audience and a full moon rising over the Mary Rippon Theatre, nothing could upstage the magic that was played out in Geoffrey Kent’s production of “The Tempest.”

In case you missed something… I LOVED IT!Marlowe's Musings

For tickets go online at or call  303-492-8008

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