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Left to right: Brad Glover,Caitlin Conklin, Ed Baierlein, Petra Ulrich and Patrick Mann in "Overruled"

     It seems that Ed Baierlein's theatre is the only one in town that can successfully produce the works of George Bernard Shaw. 

     “VICTORIAN GARDEN ROMANCE” is a charming evening of Shavian (and Jonesian) one-act comedies that play with the notions of ethics and propriety in 19th century English relationships.

     In Shaw’s “Overruled” the young and handsome Mr. Lunn (Patrick Mann) has fallen for Mrs. Juno (Petra Ulrych) an attractive older lady while on a sea voyage. Neither he nor she is aware that they are both married. Upon discovering the truth Mann’s character becomes guilt-stricken for having committed adultery in his heart. They meet up with another couple, who wish to be unfaithful to their own spouses and have not been able to get to first base on account of their wish to do it in a proper and respectable fashion.
     Ed Baierlein is fabulously entertaining as pompous Mr. Juno who’s enamored of the unattainable Mrs. Lunn (a young and fetching Caitlin Conklin.)

     The love triangle in G.B. Shaw’s “How He Lied to Her Husband” resembles the one you will remember from Shaw’s “Candida.” In fact the poet and his ‘muse’ in this play are planning to see a production of “Candida.” It seems that  “Lohengrin” is sold out. 
     One might say that in this case the Reverend Morell is played by Eric Victor, Marchbanks by Patrick Mann and Candida by Petra Ulrych.
     With this play Shaw sends up some of the romantic plays of his day while keeping his tongue firmly implanted in cheek regarding his own.
     Uneasy after finding some love poems in which she is addressed by name, Aurora Bompas confronts Henry Apjohn who feels it a good idea to confront Aurora’s husband, Teddy about their ‘affair.’

     Eric Victor is hilarious as Aurora’s outraged husband. This actor should be treading the boards a lot more. Ever since this reviewer was so lucky as to see   Victor’s work in GSD’s “The Philanthropist” he has looked forward to seeing his name in every program. Victor's comic character work is always phenomenal!

     In “Her Tongue” by Henry Arthur Jones, Patty (Diane Wziontka) has a wickedly fun time manipulating a man named Scobell (Mark Moran) who she believes is pursuing her. As Scobell, Moran does an excellent job of being horrified by Patty’s advances and then recoiling from her as she’s recoiling from him once she’s discovered that he has little or no desire to be with her in his new home in Argentina. (It seems that there are no shops in Argentina anyway!)
     Stephen R. Kramer and Caitlin Conklin play friends of Patty who try to bring her and Scobell together while warning her not to sabotage the possibility of relationship by mismanaging “her tongue.”
     All three one-acts are minimally staged in a private hotel garden with costumes by Sallie Diamond.
     Tad Baierlein, Ed Baierlein and Stephen R. Kramer direct the plays.
Three delightful Victorian one-act comedies:
and OVERRULED by George Bernard Shaw 
and a special bonus, HER TONGUE 
by Henry Arthur Jones.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 7:00
2:00 Matinees, June 28th & July 19th
All tickets $20.00ALL TICKETS $20.00

CALL 303.455.7108

7287 Lowell Boulevard

Take the Federal Boulevard exit from either the Boulder Turnpike,
I-76, or I-70.

Go north (from I-70 or I-76) or south (from the Boulder Turnpike) on
Federal to 72nd Avenue.

Go west three traffic lights to
Lowell Boulevard.

Make a right turn and go north on Lowell one block to 73rd Avenue.

The theatre is on the southwest
corner of the intersection. Entrance to the theatre is on the north side
of the building. Marlowe's Musings

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