Saturday, March 8, 2014

     Robert Dubac’s “The Book of Moron” is a one- man-show that runs an intermissionless 90 minutes over at The Avenue Theatre. It will leave you breathless with laughter. It’s clever, outrageous, provocative and HILARIOUS!!!!!
     Dubac’s bright stream of consciousness and witty jokes come at you at a break-neck pace. His comic machine gun patter peppers the audience with a non-stop send-up of politics, sex and religion.
     As he tries to solve the big questions of his life he racks his brain for "the Truth in the bigger picture." The artist turns on a dime as he lets his Voice of Reason, Inner Idiot, Inner Child and Inner Asshole take him – and us – on a roller coaster ride that is unforgettable.

     It’s satire that comes with a savvy edge and sometimes skewers members of both political parties simultaneously. In a nutshell Dubac is an equal opportunity offender! And you will LOVE him!
     Whether or not you’ve seen his ”The Male Intellect: an Oxymoron?” or not, you’ve got to get a ticket to see this! 
     He’ll show you both sides of the door of Truth as well as the fine line that separates the offensive and the humorous.
     It’s a huge temptation to give away one or two of the head-spinning, funny bone-shattering jokes. Nevertheless…this reviewer refuses to give out even one spoiler.
     This is top drawer comedy you’ll want to experience all on your own.

Tickets priced at $23.50 Students/Seniors and $26.50 Adult are on sale now by phone at 303-321-5925 or through or at the theatre box office which opens at 417 E 17th Ave. Denver, CO 80203 1:00pm - 5:00pm Tuesday through Saturday and 1 hour before show time.Marlowe's Musings

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