Monday, December 2, 2013

    Town Hall Arts; 11/15 – 12/29
     With Bob Wells’ direction of his new production of “Annie” Town Hall Arts continues its claim to being one of the very best musical theatre venues in the region.
     Wells has discovered a phenomenal talent in Sydney Fairbairn. She’s that little girl with the red hair and the indomitable hope for Tomorrow. It doesn’t hurt that she’s cute as a button and can sing either. We’ve seen enough reproductions of this show in which the child actors are just not up to the task. And while we’re on the subject the ensemble of little girls in the orphanage is superb to a waif. Running the orphanage as Miss Hannigan is LuAnn Buckstein, one of Denver’s foremost talents in comedic acting. It is to be hoped that Ms. Buckstein will be seen again soon in productions such as this one. Her talent for character roles is remarkable. 
     Daniel Langhoff is outstanding in the role of Daddy Warbucks. A bit youngish for the role, Langhoff does smashing work. His duets with Ms. Fairbaim ("Something was Missing" and "I Don't Need Anything But You") as well as his delivery of numbers such as “N.Y.C.” stun!
                               Rebekah Ortiz, Daniel Langhoff and Sydney Fairbairn 

     Rebekah Ortiz, who knocked everyone out in Ignite’s “Pippin, proves a fetching Grace.
     Cory Wendling's fiery performance in the role of Rooster tears the place up accompanied by Taylor Nicole Young's superb Lily.
                  Left to Right: Cory Wendling, LuAnn Buckstein and Taylor Nicole Young

     There are great talents in the supporting cast as well: Damon Guerrasio, Paul Jaquith, Kevin Walton, Kateri Cates and John Mackey.
     The technical work is flawless. Tina Anderson’s set design moves us in Bob Wells’ seamlessly precise transitions from orphanage to mansion to Times Square with artistry that’s illuminated by Seth Allison’s eye-popping lighting design.
     Donna Kolpan Debreceni has provided us with ear pleasing tracks of the indescribably delicious variety.
     Kelly Kates’ choreography is exhilarating!
     Cindy Franke’s costumes are spot on.
     You’ll have to pray to the theatre gods to get a seat. The run is nearly SRO!

Town Hall Arts is at 2450 West Main Street, Littleton Colorado
Call 303-794-2787  for tickets or go online at

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