Saturday, November 16, 2013

Death by Miss Fortune
Windsor Gardens Theatre Company

     Pamela Clifton has directed a very fun production of a play called “Death by Miss Fortune” over at Windsor Gardens.
           Mary Julsen and Ed Loffredo

     It was a genuine pleasure to get to experience the presentation of this comic pastiche. Clifton, who also wrote the script, has assembled an adorable and enthusiastic cast who are learning the dramatic arts and having a ball in the process.
     The scenario communicated by these thespians is that of a playwright who is writing a mystery involving a murder at a talent show. The seniors who brought this comedy to life are getting a chance that many would envy. They are embracing this lucky opportunity with enthusiasm and passion.
                           Lynn Nicholson

     The auditorium at which, Clifton and her cast present their shows is comfortable and elegant. This is a group of actors who really know what it means to entertain a sold out house and having a great good time themselves.Marlowe's Musings

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