Monday, June 24, 2013

Miners Alley Playhouse

Collected Stories
Miners Alley Playhouse: 6/7 – 7/14
                Billie McBride and Devon James
                  Foto Credit: JR Cody Schuyler
     “Collected Stories,” now on view at Miners Alley Playhouse in Golden is a thoroughly engrossing drama. On the surface it’s the story of two writers. Ruth is a renowned author who has turned to teaching. Lisa is her adoring student and biggest fan. When Lisa is allowed to meet and be tutored by Ruth she is elated and becomes privy to her mentor’s most closely guarded secrets.
     The acting in this production is truly remarkable. Broadway veteran Billie McBride delivers a performance that is undeniably natural. As Ruth she presents a no nonsense professor whose straight-forward honesty is the very essence of integrity.
     Devon James’ performance as Lisa gives us a young woman of unbridled enthusiasm who bubbles with an adoration for her teacher bordering on sycophancy in the opening scenes. In the six years following she grows from a self-deprecating pupil to confident author. The relationship that develops between the two women allows her to not only become confident but also a trusted confidant.
     The deceptively simple story line belies an intricate human relationship that is illumined beautifully by these two actors.
     Playwright Donald Margulies has crafted an intriguing evening of theatre that asks the viewer to decide whether it is ever ethical to use another person’s private story to further her career.
     You owe it to yourself to see this show for the accomplished and sensitively drawn performances.

Miners Alley Playhouse presents
"Collected Stories"
June 7 – July 14
Are one person's life events suitable for another to use in their own creative process?
Fri. and Sat. @ 7:30 p.m. and Sun @ 6 p.m. (2 p.m. on July 14)
$19.00 - $29.50; senior, student and group rates available.
303-935-3044 or online at
Miners Alley Playhouse, 1224 Washington Avenue (13th and Washington 2nd floor entrance on 13th) in Golden, CO.

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